Are you feeling called to make a shift?


Ready to take your Yoga or Holistic journey to the next level?

Want to learn how to integrate these teachings into your life with ease?

To find alignment, balance + purpose on your unique path?

Authentic Yoga practices

Mind, Body + Soul Medicine

(practices that nurture)

No lock-in contracts

Empower yourself with a variety of holistic wisdom

Balance a Chaotic Mind

Heal Your Nervous System

Learn to meditate in a way that suits you

Find energetic + spiritual alignment

Uncover deeper truths + purpose

Learn techniques for self-mastery

Develop daily rituals to support you

Integrate wisdom from the East + the West into your daily life


Taylor, TLC Member

I'm so happy you're doing this!! It aligns with me so much and I know it's guiding me towards what I want to cultivate in my future. Thanks so much Deni.


Kelli-Ann, TLC Member

This path feels like home for me. The way of the peaceful warrior.

I have done SO many "beginner" yoga courses...and even did a Yoga Self-Immersion last year to guide me but all the paths let me to you.


Virjilla, TLC Member

This is so what my soul needs right now! I feel so blissful and abundant after that session!

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Are you feeling the pull of the New Earth?

For us to be meeting here right now, there is no doubt that you are. Now is the time for us to let go of limiting beliefs and step into our true power.

It's no secret that the world is going through some big shifts and it's calling us all to connect on deeper levels to both ourselves and the world.

It's time to give up fighting against the chaos of our lives and to time to reclaim our body, mind + soul and live with peace + freedom.

It's the Kandala Yoga ethos that there is not 1 single pathway that leads us to this. To create the lives we desire we need a well-rounded approach that uses collaborative innovation of ideas from around the world. There's no one size fits all. To progress into the future we are uncovering more and more that the key is co-creation through the Global Body of Wisdom. We learn a little bit from all over the world in order to manifest a life that aligns with our own personal ethos and unique pathway.


                                             brings you just this.


A monthly subscription to a holistic network of knowledge that inspires you with wisdom from the ancients to the most current findings of today. An Eastern-Western fusion that allows you to deep-dive into the curiosities of your body + mind to empower you towards self-mastery.

By bringing you masters-of-their-fields from around the globe, you will

no longer need to seek courses and workshops from all over

but rather  find it all in one place  in this very supportive, holistic community for only $25 USD a month.

We cannot wait to have you.



Your Membership

Monthly Masterclass

Watch LIVE on the first Tuesday of every month or have unlimited access to all replays

Live Yoga Classes

7 LIVE authentic yoga classes each month or have unlimited access to the growing library of replays.

1 relaxing/restorative class + 1 dynamic class each week

Resources + Challenges

Get loads of resources with hands-on-tools for each month. Some months may also include an optional challenge if you wish to focus on integrating the teachings of the month.


You'll gain exclusive access to our online community so that you can connect and be supported by likeminded souls on the same journey,

Who can put a price on that?


All of this value for only $25 USD a month



The Global Body of Wisdom



Heart Of Yoga

Deeper Layers of Yoga (East)

Deeper Layers of Yoga (West)

Holistic Healing Modalities (East)

Holistic Healing Modalities (West)

The Global Body of Wisdom

Your Network of ever-expanding wisdom



Right Now You Will have access to:

  • Beginning Your Yoga Journey (creating a daily Yoga Practice + understanding the philosophy)

  • Breathwork for Daily Life

Coming Up:

  • Mastering Meditation + Mindfulness

  • Ayurvedic Yoga

  • Yoga for Anxiety + Stress

  • Ritual + Ceremony for Manifesting

You'll be guided by me, Deni


I am a Yoga Teacher + Holistic Educator with a background in Biological Sciences and authentic Yogic practices. After finishing my degree and spending time in an Ashram I found that the two paradigms of the East + West were heading towards the same path. Everything I was learning was proving to be super powerful as I began to create a well-rounded arsenal of life healing techniques.


I have seen dramatic shifts in my life emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually.

Now it's time to share all of this with you.

But I won't be alone. In the coming months I will introduce you to a range of healers from all over.