Fridays at the Temple

Ceremony of Self

Harmony, catharsis and rejuvenation. An infusion of reiki, crystal sound alchemy, Ayurvedic wisdom and clairsentient insight. There's no other way to describe this other than a Ceremony of Self.

Each session begins with a compassionate chat over rose tea before you are guided to a soft, candle lit space.The space is cleared, intentions are set and you are ushered into relaxation with essential oils and guided breath/meditation.

During the session I receive messages through images, sensations (clairsentience) and insight (claircognizance) which allows me to tailor each moment to uphold a sacred container for your needs. I use hands on and off Reiki as well as sound healing instruments. There's time for integration and some more cups of tea before we close the ceremony with conscious conversation. During this time we can discuss Ayurvedic and Yogic practices or recipes that may support you through your journey beyond your time at the temple.

90 minutes ~ $120

Yin Rituals

Yin Yoga by candlelight as a ritual of self-compassion and soulful nourishment.




Essential oil head massage, reiki and sound bath with every session.

These Yoga classes are intuitively led with the seasons and astrological events in mind. They work towards aligning our energy with that of the cosmos as we continue through the ebbs and flows of life's dynamic current. It's nourishment from the level of the soul. A ritual for the heart.

Limited places available each week.