Jihwa Prakshalana (tongue scraping) is an important part of the Ayurvedic daily ritual (dinacharya). According to the ancient texts, the practice of cleaning the tongue in this way enables us to clear the mouth of ama or toxins to avoid them from being reingested. The tongue is a valuable tool for diagnosis in Ayurveda and Jihwa Prakshalana offers us a moment of self-awareness to check-in and see what our tongue reveals about our state of health each morning.


Benefits include:


~ promotes excellent oral hygiene

~ contains bad breath

~ stimulates digestion (by activating agni (digestive fire) and salivation)

~ removes toxins from the mouth


The added benefits of copper also ensure that your tongue scraper remains antimicrobial with proper care and cleaning. A protective linen bag is provided with each one for travelling convenience. With proper care, this tongue scraper could last you a lifetime. Tarnishing is a natural progression of this metal and can be cleaned with lemon juice and a little bicarbonate soda every now and again to maintain the sheen of your piece.


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Pure Copper Tongue Cleaner

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