These beautiful, handcrafted Neem Combs (100% neem wood) are a welcomed addition to your Ayurvedic daily care. The combs are a gentle and eco-friendly alternative to other hairbrushes with many added benefits that care for the health of your hair. With it's natural materials, the neem comb won't cause the static of other brushes that often lead to hair breakage and fallout. The smoothe, rounded teeth of the comb are also much more gentle on the scalp which helps with the even distribution of hair oils without scratching the scalp. This reduces the likelihood of dandruff and other scalp concerns. Neem also adds additional medicinal benefits such as:


~ reduced hairfall

~ improvement of some scalp conditions

~ less frizz and more shine

~ antibacterial

~ stimulation of healthy bloodflow in scalp to improve hairgrowth


To keep your comb clean, remove debris regularly and then soak for 2 minutes in warm, soapy water every so often. A linen bag is provided to keep your comb protected in between uses.


All information provided on this website is purely for educational purposes and not to be taken as a replacement for professional healthcare advice.

Handcrafted Pure Neem Comb

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