Welcome to your handbook of mind, body + soul medicine. A go-to guide for short practices to support your whole being in everyday life - quite literally a First Aid kit for your Body, Mind + Soul. This eBook is filled to the brim with over 40 yoga postures, meditations + breathing exercises that will help you to heal with the power of your own hands. 

You will find remedies for common conerns like:


- Mild Sciatica

- Panic Attacks

- Stress and Anxiety

- Depression

- Lower Back Pain

- Hot Flushes

- Sleep Issues


..and so much more!


+PLUS bonus content that you won't find in the book alone! Buy now to receive:


- Video + Guided explanations for the practices that are a little more challenging

- Bonus breathing exercises + meditations not included in the book

- A guided Yoga Nidra to help you get to sleep or to give yourself a moment to reach very deep and restorative levels of relaxation.


Prepare to unlock your self-healing power with First Aid for the Body, Mind + Soul and feel the empowered connection to yourself.

First Aid For The Body, Mind + Soul

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