These Copper Neti Pots, hand made with pure stamped copper, are a vital component of keeping the nasal passages clear, reducing sinus congestion and allergies in a practice called Jala Neti ("water cleansing"). A time-tested practice of the Ayurvedic daily and seasonal routines (Dinacharya and Ritucharya), Neti Pot promotes the pranic flow of our breath. When our nasal passage is clear, we are able to increase the amount of prana (life force energy) that we draw into our body with each breath.


Neti Pot asssists with:

~ Clearing sinus tension, headaches and congestion

~ Removing allergens from the nose

~ Reducing symptoms of cold and flu (remove excess mucous)

~ Minimising snoring

~ Improvement of smell and taste

~ Brings lightness to the mind


For the proper practice of Jala Neti, please refer to an Ayurvedic practitioner for guidance in order to get the balance between water temperature and salt correct.


Copper is an antimicrobial material and helps to keep this vessel clean. Tarnishing is a natural process of copper and can be cleared with lemon juice and a little bit of bicarbonate soda as needed. Store your Neti Pot safely in the bathroom and only after it has been thoroughly dried to maintain the health of your piece. As this piece is handmade, there is some visible join marks where brass has been used to seal the pot together.


All information provided on this website is purely for educational purposes and not to be taken as a replacement for professional healthcare advice.

Handmade Copper Neti Pot

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