100% certified organic, cold-pressed black sesame oil that has been cultivated with Ayurvedic practices. This is a staple in Ayurveda and is utilised daily for abhyanga (self massage), gandusha (oil pulling) and so much more. This luxurious oil is deeply nourishing of the tissues with it's warming and antimicrobial benefits. Black sesame oil is particularly helpful for balancing Vata conditions but is also tridoshic in nature (able to support all dosha). The cold-pressed processing retains the many minerals, vitamins and nutrients held within the oil such as; vitamine E, B6, iron and calcium. As well as high levels of oleic, linoleic acids, omega-6 and also sesamol and sesamin which are powerful cell-supporting and protecting properties.


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Ayurvedic Crafted Black Sesame Oil 200ml