This mālā is the heart of the Anahata collection; a piece for the heart from the heart. With the power of numerology behind it, there are 108 rudraksha beads woven with Green Jade placed after every 9th bead. Green jade brings peace, abudance and even flow of divine energy. The guru bead is made from Serpentine Jasper ~ a potent crystal for unlocking Kundalini energy. Often when we are experiencing a blockage in our Kundalini energy or our heart, it is often found around the heart bindu (our place of emotional embodiment) where we hold the largest grunthi or knot in the energetic body.

The channeled mantra for this mālā was Yam ~ the bija or seed sound of the air element and the sound that is often associated with the Heart Chakra in the 7 Chakra System. This mālā brings a lightness and expansiveness to the heart Chakra and heart bindu so that you may reside in the peace and safety of your unbridled heart.


Your mālā comes boxed with it's meaning and mantra written down for you to always remember and cherish. Using your mālā, you can repeat the channelled mantra (or any other of your choice) 108 times (1 round of the mālā) each day to reap it's healing benefits.

Anahata अनाहत

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  • Keep your mala hanging to ensure that it does not get caught or tangled. Once the mala is in your care it is your duty to care for it and preserve it. Therefore, any breakages will not be reimbersed with a refund, return or exchange. Each piece is handmade and may come with small imperfections although every attempt is made to keep your mala perfect. However, if you would like to discuss any issues with your product then please contact Deni at within 14 days of your purchase. Please note that although good care has been taken to ensure that the photographs represent the pieces in their truest colour and form, due to the nature of photographs, colours may be slightly different. But above all else, please enjoy your sacred jewellery and may it always serve you well.