Akash was born of the aether. A connection to the spiritual realm. Akash is sanskrit for aether of space and it's easily the most "out of balance" natural element that we colletively experience. The intention behind this piece is to bring balance and connectedness through the aether element.


The mantra for this mālā is ~ "Hum"



pronounced hum or ham


This mantra is the bija mantra (meaning seed sound) for the aether element. It bestows upon us a sense of connection to the spaciousness of our existence and balances this already existent element within our being (body, mind and spirit). Repeating "Hum" will promote a balanced state in the nervous system as well as calm and clarity of the mind. It connects us to our consciousness, our expressiveness and to the layers of our energetic being. Repeat 108 times daily using your mālā to unlock it's healing benefits (this is 4 repetitions of your rudraksha bracelet).


Your mālā comes boxed with it's meaning and mantra written down for you to always remember and cherish.

Akash आकाश

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  • Keep your mala hanging to ensure that it does not get caught or tangled. Once the mala is in your care it is your duty to care for it and preserve it. Therefore, any breakages will not be reimbersed with a refund, return or exchange. Each piece is handmade and may come with small imperfections although every attempt is made to keep your mala perfect. However, if you would like to discuss any issues with your product then please contact Deni at info.kandalayoga@gmail.com within 14 days of your purchase. Please note that although good care has been taken to ensure that the photographs represent the pieces in their truest colour and form, due to the nature of photographs, colours may be slightly different. But above all else, please enjoy your sacred jewellery and may it always serve you well.