Manifesting Your Dharma ~ the secret to a fulfilling life

Manifestation is the absolute essence of our existence. And, it may come as a surprise to learn that it’s not some new age concept either ~ it’s roots are grounded in some of the earliest texts known to man, the Vedas. Before we really begin I just want to point out that this isn’t your usual post on manifestation. You know, the type where

I explain the steps of how to do it (those key phrases like “get clear on your vision”, “focus your energy onto it but release it”, etc, etc.). I’ve actually already written a blog about that. Rather, this post is going to show you “what" to manifest rather than “how”. Because trust me when I say, it’ll be much more fruitful and fulfilling this way. It could very well be the missing link in your journey.

Straight up, let’s get really clear on something; manifestation isn’t just about visualising what we want (like the big house, the lavish holiday, the new job, etc) and thinking/feeling it until we get it. Manifestation is the governing force in our life. It’s the instrumental component of every choice, opportunity or change that we experience including all of the “bad” as well as the “good”. We’re essentially doing it everyday it’s just that for the most part, we’re doing it unconsciously.

But for the times that we are more aware of the impact of our choices, manifestation can feel like magic. When it’s done consciously (or more specifically, when it’s aligned with our soul purpose or dharma ~ I’ll get to that soon) it can yield a profound sense of purpose and contentment. Life flows as though the universe is laying each stepping stone of your path right out in front of you. This type of dharma-driven manifestation can feel magnetic and effortless. Especially when we compare it to manifesting something that isn’t entirely meant for us which often feels more tedious and takes longer to generate. If we want more of the easeful and fulfilling practice of manifestation then we must understand two things: the fundamental nature of what we are and our unique and personal soul purpose.

For that we need to go back to the beginning…the very beginning.

The Big Bang ~ Creation or Manifestation?

How many times have you thought about the wild and varied reality that we exist in? How did we even get here? Why was everything created the way that it was? Science is still struggling to answer all of these questions and perhaps this is why we need to put science to the side for a moment. Instead, let’s dive into the world of philosophy ~ Vedic philosophy.

As I said earlier, manifestation is described as a phenomenon in the Vedas that begins with the very first moments of the unfolding of the universe aka the big bang. There’s a key distinction that we need to make here that is fundamental to our understanding: In Vedanta, creation does not exist ~ only manifestation does. Therefore, the universe and everything in it is not considered a creation but an endless unfolding or manifestation. I don't want to get too heavy but this idea is actually a lot more simple than it sounds. To understand the crucial difference between manifestation and creation we need to first discern the definition of the latter.

If we are talking about creation then what we are implying is that there are 2 moving parts:

There is a person/being who is doing the creating

There are raw materials which are used for that creation.

So, if the universe was "created" then there would be 2 divided parts ~ some divine being or God who's doing the work and then there's us; the creation. The question that comes up with this theory (and the basis of the prime argument of Vedic philosophy) is this; for this to be true then that would leave us asking who or what is God and what are the raw materials that we are created from? I realise this is starting to dive into the age old question of “what is the meaning of life” but stay with me. Because, if we really want to be master manifestors then we need to entertain this idea for a moment.

But as I said earlier, Vedic wisdom argues this logic. The crux of Vedic philosophy is that we are all one. This essentially means that there is no separation. We are both the creator and the creation which exists collectively as pure consciousness. This is a philosophy that science has come to back now too. You may hear it described as the universal field or the unified field. It arises in conversations around quantum theory or quantum mechanics. This means that even our modern science is acknowledging the existence of a shared, collective consciousness.

You may be asking, what does this all imply and what the heck does it have to do with our manifestation?

Well, it basically suggests that we are essentially one giant organism moving towards a collective goal. The universal field is constantly morphing, expanding and self-regulating towards greater levels of cohesion or wholeness (this means it keeps manifesting what it needs as it’s needed). And, as individual, consciously intelligent parts of that whole (you and I) we therefore have a role to play. We can see ourselves as a microcosm of the macrocosm. Each of us working on our duty to keep the universal field on the right track via our own unique journey. We are miniature manifestors working on the big grand picture with a small scale (but not underestimated) operation.

Ok, so now we have the question of, “what are we collectively working towards?”. This question is key. When we start to explore the intention of the universe we can then begin to appreciate how special our own existence is.

Drink this in: Each individual expression of pure consciousness (i.e. you and I) is really working collectively towards the greater good of the whole (the universe). This means that the collective consciousness (God, the universe) decided that it needed your existence for it’s evolution ~ your existence was manifested out of necessity. Meaning, we exist at this time and place for a reason and we all have a special role to play. This is our dharma or our purpose.

Now, the question we mentioned above has a part 2: “and what is my role?”.


Your role is your dharma. This is your life path and the reason for your time here on Earth.

It’s not nearly as daunting as it sounds and in fact learning more about your dharma is what leads you on the most fulfilling path. So sure, we could manifest our dream homes, large bank account or fame but if it’s not aligned with your path, do you think it will satisfy that inner desire? How often have we already experienced the cycle of desire, attainment, desire, attainment and so on. It’s like no matter how much we have, we keep wanting more.

Unfortunately though, our society isn’t really conducive to helping us sit wholeheartedly with this. It’s hard to resist the allure when we’re constantly bombarded with the “next best thing”, the must haves and the trends ~ the illusions. A never ending cycle of chasing matter over pure consciousness. Now that we know the importance of the universal consciousness we can probably see why this distraction is getting in our way of real bliss. And so, we continue to pin our worth on likes, followers, our image and the exhausting chase that comes with it all. We are guiding our choices based on the illusion that all of this defines contentment, purpose and joy.

So before I go any further, please remember this;

having more notoriety, a large instagram following or a well-recognised impact on the world does not make your contribution anymore worthy or important. The truth is that every small act has a ripple effect.

Don’t underestimate the impact of even the smallest gesture ~ when you live your life in alignment with you dharma, your existence will leave an imprint on this Earth like no one else could have done. Own it with all of your heart.

How do we find our soul purpose?

Somewhere inside of you, you already know the answer to this. You’ve experienced it in those serendipitous moments, you’ve butted your head against it in those times when you know you said “no” when you should have said “yes”, it’s that pattern that keeps showing up in some shape or form ~ even when it feels irrational.

If we take these next 4 steps to heart we will begin to relinquish the egotistic dreams and start to morph into the satisfying, fulfilling path that is your destiny. When you begin to seek this out, you will continue to manifest your most joyful existence. Life gets easier (but also remember that there is never any promise of a life without shade as well as the light) and the practice of manifestation does too. Here are the key considerations:

1. Slow Down ~ Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness ~ another buzzword but another very important practice that the world certainly needs more of. When we are mindful we take in the reality of the moment. We do this by taking in more information in a given moment rather than confining ourselves to the small space between our ears ~ our mind. As we begin to sit in this space of expansiveness we begin to marinate in the essence of the pure consciousness and often the answers we seek can be harnessed much easier in this state of being. Meditation comes hand in hand with this. When we come inwards and focus on the infinite space within we meld into the expansiveness of pure consciousness. This allows our individual consciousness to harness it’s potential for manifestation on a far greater scale. Meditation taps into the vast reach of pure consciousness and therefore it’s potency for expansion. It’s like taking a seedling out of a small pot and placing it onto acreage where it has greater potential to grow and spread.

2. Ahimsa ~ Unity

Ahimsa means "no harm" and when we bring this discipline to the forefront we are able to act more consciously to the point that we begin to really experience the oneness we have been speaking of. And remembering our oneness is integral. When we start to realise that we are all a part of the same picture, we conjoin our individual motive with that of the collective consciousness. We experience pure consciousness rather than the ego. This is when manifestation starts to happen more easily. Because when you have the greater good of the cosmos in your intentions the universe conspires to support your every move towards that because it’s exactly what the collective is yearning for too. It’s supply and demand on a cosmic level.

3. Refine Your Energy ~ Clarity

To take this manifesting potential even further we also need to have crystal clear energy. This is energy of our mind, our body and our spirit. This is where practices such as Yoga and Ayurveda really pack a punch. We need to eat, exercise, meditate and make the right choices for our body and mind so that we can think clearly and feel energetically strong. I think this point speaks for itself really.