3 Top Tips for Manifesting Your Desires

If you are feeling a little challenged by life or you can't seem to achieve what you want then this article is for you. By now you have probably heard about manifesting or the law of attraction. But, if you haven't, manifesting is our innate ability, as creators, to call what we want into our lives. On paper it's as simple as this: like attracts like, stay focused on what you want, "ask and you shall receive". While the actual process of manifesting sounds simple enough there is a lot more ground work that needs to be done in order to master this practice.

But maybe you've tried this already - you've created a vision board, meditated on it and/or even think about it 24/7. You keep trying to stay positive but it just doesn't seem to be working out the way you had imagined. So here are 3 tips you could consider to check-in on your process and refine your journey towards manifesting mastery.

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1) Get crystal clear about what you want to achieve and visualise it regularly - You can do this with inspiration boards, journals, art, meditation or whatever resonates with you. The more specific your vision, the more direct your pathway becomes. If you can break your end goal right down to the various steps of your journey then you are going to be able direct your energy into this solid formed path with laser precision. It becomes clear cut and you barely leave yourself room to wander from your goals or desires. It's when we aren't 100% sure of where we want to go that our energy becomes dispersed and it loses it's stamina. When this happens we may begin to feel overwhelmed or disappointed. It's like our energy becomes this soft cloud that floats and latches onto the closest possibility which may lead us astray. We end up down pathways that prolong our desired achievements.

For instance, a vision of, "I am going to own a successful business" isn't going to streamline your energy as much as, "I am going to own a successful healing center in the hinterland of Byron Bay that is centered around Yogic philosophies within 5 years". The second example allows us to see an end vision clearer and so we can then break it down into smaller goals that create a direct pathway.

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2) Dream it up and give it room to grow - Great, so now we have a clear vision and we want it so bad that we can't stop thinking about it. But, sometimes when we become so fixated on things there is this subconscious feeling at play that prevents our desires from flourishing. "I want a partner" really plays out in the subconscious like, "why haven't I found someone yet? I am never going to find someone". It's this lack mindset that, despite it's quiet voice, becomes our biggest roadblock. These are the whispers of anxiety that prevent us from fully believing and attracting what we want. Instead, we end up calling exactly what we don't want because most of our energy is spent holding on to the "what ifs".

The best way to overcome this is by creating your vision and practicing mindful awareness. Each time you are reminded of your goal (which should be often but not to a point that it consumes you) take time to notice the thoughts that come to mind. Allow your thoughts to arise like passing clouds. Notice them, acknowledge them and gently remind yourself that it will happen. Counter any negative thoughts with positive and reinforcing ones and keep practicing this until the affirming thoughts become the dominate dialogue.

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3) Strengthen your aura - It's pure, factual science that we are made up of energy. So when we talk about how we direct our energy we are just discussing a matter of fact. But the strength of our energetic field will also determine how strongly we will magnetise what we want in our lives. Around our bodies we have an aura and an energetic field that interacts with our environment and others around us. We must look after the energetic flow of the body by physically caring for our health through exercise (Yoga is particularly good for this), deep breathing (Pranayama - consiously directing the flow of our life force through the body) and eating high vibrational foods (think organic, fresh fruit and and vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds).

But beyond the physical aspect of our being, we also need to clear our emotional energy. Our heart in particular has the strongest magnetic field of all the organs of our body but is also the most vulnerable when it comes to our emotions. Often, when we become sad, we can feel the lack of vibrancy in our heart. We often say, "my heart feels heavy" or perhaps a numbness around the heart space that feels something like a "hole". Our shoulders begin to come forward as though wrapping ourselves around our heart, the head drops down and we respond to our emotions by protecting it and preventing output of our heart's energetic field. So in order to strengthen the largest portion of our aura, we need to face our emotions, acknowledge them with compassion and feel what we need to feel. If this is challenging for you then reaching out to a professional such as a psychologist may be incredibly supportive.

When we master these 3 things, we master our ability to energetically attract and create what we want in our life. If you have experienced any of this in action then share your experience below. You never know who is reading and you may just inspire someone's own healing journey towards a big vision.

Written by Yoga Teacher and Holistic Educator, Deni Spirovski of Kandala Yoga. You can reach out via Instagram @Kandala_Yoga or email


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