The Healing Circle

In the eyes of the Kandala Yoga philosophy, holistic healing should come from the combined wisdom of practitioners and specialists from many fields of knowledge. In The Healing Circle you can find a range of trusted professionals to further your wellness journey.

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Natajsa Wagner

Natajsa is a Clinical Psychotherapist in Ashgrove, Brisbane working with individuals, couples and groups.

Natajsa believe’s that the relationship we have with ourselves and others is the essential ingredient to our emotional health, happiness and wellbeing. Her focus is on helping people develop self-awareness and understanding of our challenges, so we can create change that leads to more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Natajsa has been featured as an expert both locally and internationally and has contributed to a number of print and online media outlets including Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine & ABC Online.

You can find her here: