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Embodied Being ~

A Sacred Journey

Next Sangha gathers in 2021...


Tired of feeling overwhelmed, ungrounded, exhausted or unaligned with your journey?

My love, are you over the feeling of spreading yourself thin and constantly giving from a half-full or empty cup?

Are you ready to start putting yourself first so that you can lead your life from a place of balance and embodied truth?

Is it time for you to feel self-trusting and certain when it comes to following through with your goals and plans?

To stop losing steam with your goals and to stay focused and sure of your capabilities to manifest your desires?

Beautiful soul, are you ready to feel deeply connected with yourself, your life and the Earth in a way that makes your being vibrate with contentment and joy?

Ready to wake up to the day feeling energised, abundant and in awe of your life?

Are you ready to settle the chaos in your mind to find clarity in your decisions ~ big and small?

Is it time to get out of your own way by releasing those negative thoughts, ill self-talk, self-doubt and replace them with absolute adoration for yourself?


Are you looking for the perfect self-nurturing practices that produce lasting results?

Do ancient philosophies and techniques have you absolutely intrigued?

Do you feel called to find a conscious community that shares the same values ~ feeling done with shallow conversations that don’t spark up your soul?

It's time to step into your authentic power with illuminated grace.

This is connected and inspired living ~ your most Embodied  Being.

the offering...

Life in this modern world can send us through a tumultuous ocean of waves that draw us all the way up and then crash us all the way down. It leaves us questioning what the is the point of it all? Why do things have to be so hard? What am I missing? How can I make life flow?

We spend so much of our days comparing ourselves and doubting our own abilities which draws us further and further away from our truest essence.

It's exhausting! This is why we often find ourselves feeling deflated, detached or unmotivated to keep going.

When Yoga was first brought into the world, it was given as a universal guide to navigate our human experience so that we could transcend these limitations of our minds. Though we might not be ascetics living in the caves of the Himalayas, there is still so much wisdom held in these teachings that can ground us back into the beauty of who we are and the magic of our lives.


This is why this journey brings us right back to these beginnings; drawing upon proven philosophies and practices that have survived through the ages (as well as modern ideologies and techniques) to create the lives we desire and deserve.

The is the authentic Beginner's Yoga Journey that we have all been calling for.

Join us on a 6 week immersive journey, starting early next year, that builds an empowered and totally nurturing relationship with the self so that you can find the balance, the awe and the beauty of yourself and your life again. Watch your relationships go from strength to strength as you weed out the things that do not serve you and make space for all of the things that catapult you towards your most heartfelt desires.

Where: Spirit Earth Reiki, 105A Gladstone Road, Highgate Hill, Brisbane Aus.

When: Next intake will be early 2021

what's included...
  • 6 x 2hr Weekly Sangha (conscious-community gatherings) each Saturday morning from 9-11am

    • Includes an Agnihotra Opening and Closing Ceremony for purification

  • A handmade gift pack that includes:

    •  Self-care wares

    • A flower essence for your journey by Mayflower Wellbeing

    • A specially created journal full of prompts, rituals, practices and wisdom.

    • Other heartfelt gifts left as a surprise..

  • Unlimited yoga classes that can be used on Friday's at Spirit Earth Reiki during the 6 weeks.

  • Continued support as needed during the 6 week course

  • An Ayurvedic constitutional assessment and guidance for seasonal living

  • Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation and manifestation

  • Meditation, Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breathwork) for your lifestyle medicine tool-kit.

    • This includes a free copy of my eBook "First Aid for the Body, Mind + Soul"

  • Opening and closing ceremony using the potent vedic practice of Agnihotra for purification

  • Sangha - a conscious community of likeminded souls on the same journey. Having deep and rich conversations that lift you up, keep you accountable and wholeheartedly supported.

what you will gain...
  • Have clarity around your personal values so that you are able to make decisions that feel authentic, purposeful and aligned with you.

  • Gain a deeper appreciate of your true nature and a connected view of yourself and the world.

  • Know how to create your own sacred space, rituals and moments that serve you.

  • You will have a nourishing daily practice that you can easily stick to that keeps you feeling connected to yourself and your life

  • Scholar based truths about Yoga, it's history, it's philosophies along with authentic practices (Eastern and Western)

  • You will have a good understanding about your Ayurvedic constitution and simple Ayurvedic practices to nourish your being (food preparation, self-care & seasonal living)

  • Understanding your energy and how you can attract the right things in your life

  • Yoga practices to nurture your body and mind ~ Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine

    • Meditation, Asana + Pranayama


  • How to use Yoga Nidra practice for deep rest and for manifesting

If you have any more questions or would like to request  a guidance call, please click on the button below.

Next intake will occur in early 2021 - join the waitlist and be the first to find out when the sangha reopens.