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Held every Friday in the healing temple of Spirit Earth Reiki

105A Gladstone Road, Hightgate Hill, Brisbane QLD

Have you been looking for a Yoga class that offers more than just a work out?

Something that feels more authentic, guiding and meaningful?

A practice that is healing for body, mind and soul?

Join us for intimate, authentic Yoga classes in the heart of Brisbane.

Every class is designed to nurture your inner truths that leave you feeling serene, connected and balanced. Drawing inspiration from nature, the seasons and deeper philosophies, each week is an exploration of how incredible we all are ~ even if you aren't feeling it... yet. It's about finding the joy in life and embodying this beyond the Yoga mat.

There is plenty of street parking as well as ample car spaces behind the studio off Hazlewood Street. All equipment is provided for you but you may also choose to bring your own if you would prefer.

Friday Class Times



6am (60 mins)

Hatha Yoga

9:30am (75 mins)

Created on the day to suit the group's needs

5:00pm (60 mins)

Pranayama + Meditation

6:15pm (75 mins)

Yin Rituals

Every class ends with an aromatherapy head massage and a quartz crystal singing bowl sound bath.

each class offers..

Asana असन - Postures, Movement

Prāṇāyāma प्राणायाम - Deep, focused breathing

Dhyāna + Dhāraṇā ध्यान + धारणा - Meditation


Vidya विद्या - wisdom, philosophy, inner knowing, clarity

$20 per class

paid on the day via cash or card