Let this be your temple for connection and embodiment of your innermost truth. A space of authenticity and safety to encompass your greatest potential in it's fullest. This is a place that supports you to build emotional resilience, intuitive trust and your innate wisdom for empowered self-healing. This is modern-day healing with an ancient heart.


Kandala (kun-da-la) n lotus seed, new shoot, war or battle, gold.

The Poetry of Kandala...

a choice with heart, a philosophy

It was the very fact that the name Kandala had so many meanings that made it the perfect title for this community. Because, the truth is that there are so many variations to who we are, where we have been and how our story has unfolded.


Perhaps we have been through a war or a battle of our own? Maybe we are still fighting that good fight within. Looking for a better way to keep us connected to our balanced state; our truth and our deepest joys. Ultimately, searching for the freedom to flourish and thrive.


Just like a lotus seed, all of our untapped potential is there inside of us just waiting for the right conditions to grow. Sprouting off into a new shoot and grasping all of the possibilities that lay before us.

Let Kandala Yoga be a place that continually reminds you of all of the greatness already within.


In a world full of imitations, let this be a place of authentic truth

The 4 Pillars

Vidya विद्या

wisdom, knowledge, science, clarity, truth

Sādhanā साधना

daily practices, rituals and ceremony

Karuṇā करुणा

self-love and self-compassion

Sankalpa सङ्कल्प

living with heartfelt intention

About Deni...

Growing up I was always curious about the world.  I distinctly remember sitting in my room at the age of 7, looking at the shadows my window was casting on the wall and thinking, "why are we here? what's the meaning of being alive?".


My curiosities continued to expand and I became absolutely captivated with the natural world - the seasons, our plants, our animals, cultures and the planets beyond.


As life went on, the magic and wonder was slowly replaced with scientific dogma and the everyday stresses of life. All the while, still holding onto this glimmer of fascination of who we are, I went down the scientic path and studied Biology at University for 8 years. Soon I came to a point where life wasn't as shiny as it once was and it was here that Yoga found me.

Yoga has been the gift that has reminded me what it means to live in awe. It has become the backbone to my life as I continue to grow and expand on this journey - ever learning, ever changing.


It's important to me that I always guide others from an authentic and well-educated place. Ensuring that my guidance is both lived-experience as well as scholar-based truths about the history of Yoga and it's teachings.


From the eclectic experience my path has been so far, I weave together the lessons I've learnt to serve others in hopes of connecting them to their own internal power.


It's not about changing anything or forcing ideas, it's simply about highlighting the path we have always known - a journey inwards to the places of serenity that already reside within.


Om ॐ

Studies + Experience..

Former Yoga + Philosophy studies in an Ashram

350hr Yoga Teacher Training

Usui Reiki Practitioner

10hr Chakras Illuminated

Bachelor's Degree of Biology (Wildlife Biology + Biochemistry)

Currently completing a Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultancy + Vedic Counselling certification

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